Build a sound library that works for you

The 16 weekly packs will allow you to :

Massively expand your sound database

Discover new mixing & mastering techniques

Create your first label-released tracks

Who is this service for ?

You're a producer : The project files will show you how to arrange songs. Every mix is professional : you won't get this "beginner" feeling anymore because you can copy the mixing techniques for your own projects.

You're an engineer : The samples and presets available and also those used in project files will

fill up your library of highly professional sounds.
Widen your library with unique & already mixed files.

Your music quality isn't growing - and I'm gonna tell you why

You watched advices given by YouTube's EDM "experts".

You maybe even began posting music on social networks.

  But results are not there.  

Almost zero fans - it's like if the whole world would have decided to ignore your music.

And we won't talk about financial results : you lost money buying software and equipment..

However, you're not missing the youtube advices in music production - at the contrary, you even have too much informations !

  So how will this subscription work for you ?  

I've already been there.. and I know what is to being drown under a ton of unusable samples & presets packs and youtube tutorials without getting any result.

The real technique to get better in using samples & presets is to regularly receive small amounts of content to not be drown like me under hundreds of files.

Take a step back

Here is what I can do for you : during the 16 next weeks, you will receive : 

  • ONE SHOT Samples

  • SYNTH Plugin Presets

  • FULL Project Files

  • COMPLETE Mixer Presets

  • MELODIC / DRUM Loops

  • FX Plugin Presets

  • MIDI Melodies


Also, you'll get exclusive PREMIUM packs worth more than 100€ for free by being a fidel subscriber of the week pack.

To discover the plan that fits you the most, you just have to click here :

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