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Let me introduce you the ULTIMATE Future House Soundbank.


But first things first, this pack idea came when I was first making this track, only from scratch presets.

Returns on this track gone crazy and litterally every single producer sent me

a love message for this production! (Thank you a lot for that)

Then I decided to save all those samples & presets for future tracks, and one

week later I began receiving decades of messages from producers asking me

to send me the presets !!!

But I already was crafting new remakes. And I knew something: I was doing

something big. I didn't listen to them and never shared the stuff.

I kept going the hard work until I considered it as done.

And this is how this soundbank was born.

According to surveys I usually make, producers are affraid by the price of the pack.

And I agree with y'all, sample packs are often overpriced *cuff cuff* Cymatics *cuff*

This Soundbank is not like others, and customers even consider it as a "treasure"

since the success that it brings them is far away its price.


PS : I talked about Future House only here, but as you'll see in the demos

the pack is super versatile and works for any music genre you make.