Introducing the Future House Ultimates Sample Pack

The psychology of music production


I got a few emails from people who said "Dude Hybie, I signed up to get free future house midis. Can you take me off your Future House Pack list ?"

2 answers:

     1. No

     2. I'm cooking a new tutorial about Future House tricks you can use in any good track               you make, so stay tuned with the YouTube Channel.

Let's start by looking at the psychology of the building of a new single track you make : NewEdmTrackV2.flp.

You're a fan of Mesto, Brooks, and other RetroVisions Future House artists.

You make your track, but it sounds a bit crap. Like, you already made this kind of track yesterday.

Obvious results: you find it cool, but you still feel like your sound design is the one of a beginner.

Let's say that your sounds are a bit assembling together like the colors of these crispy cereals : nothing really matches together.

There are nice things like your bass perfectly blending with your chords, but your sub doesn't get enhanced by your bass.


But don't worry, you're not alone in this case.

What's the solution to all these problems everyone faces ?

Sound design matters

The way you mix your sounds matters much more than what you look like.

But you can't make a perfect lead with init presets.

You have to get a sound & preset library that permits you to properly mix your sounds and get a coherent mix for your Future House track.


Our first natural reaction is to say, “Yeah, but…”

Yeah, but I don’t have enough time to learn sound design like a pro.

Yeah, but I don’t have enough money.

Yeah, but I don’t know how to cook that.

(In fact, for some of our readers, they don’t even have a single idea to make this or that element sounding like this).

When it comes to crafting the life you want, I want you to put aside the instinct to say, “Yeah, but” — even if just for 3 minutes.

Think about the last time you went to an amazing dinner. What was it like when you walked in? How did you know the food was going to be amazing? You didn't know it. Even if you were looking at the guys cooking it.

And about the time, you're probably right. Nobody really get the time to do things by themselves.

But I actually took the time to learn sound designing in serum & sylenth1 with a course costing me all the money already earnt with Hybreath, and time I could have invested in something else.


Also, you know like me that every problem has its solution, even when it seems there is no one.


The solution

For all the people who want to go fast while producing, I created this Future House Pack.

With its 400 presets, all designed for professionnal EDM and subgenres like Future House/Bounce but also underground music, you will actually sound like a pro.

Without having spent days of sound design learning.

More than 300 solid Drums & FX's are only waiting for you.

One day, a buyer told me "I don't believe in chamans but your pack makes me feeling like if music production was magic"

So, only if you want to begin believing in magic,