For me, getting sample packs 

shouldn't be this hard.

The Old Way

The New Way

With Hybreath it's simple,

premium quality and versatile.

 News : we got a LOT of support from Japanese producers, love   you guys ❤️ 

Just for $39

"Still have to download it, but compared to other pack makers, I find crazy you could have done this Daddy track only using this pack. Generally demos sound bad but this groove just amazed me !"

Trusted by Michael Wynne
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Hybreath - Future House Ultimates

   Officially OUT   

It's highly recommanded to be on pc to purchase !

 ➜ 200 Organized Sylenth1 Presets
➜ 200 Organized Serum Presets

➜ 300+ Drum Shots, FX & Loops
➜ 75+ Hard & Soft Vocal Shots
➜ 50+ Pluck, Lead, Bass Shots

➜ 5 Project Files for FL Studio

➜+ 1 Free FLP from Don Diablo !

Made in France

Get your music known in the Future House Industry.

"Music production has never been so easy with this pack. The thing is that I just was interested by Future House/Bounce a week ago and I literally made 4 new tracks in one week with the FHU."

Ricardo Delaso, buyer (got -20% off)

"At the beginning I thought you were a bad copy of Ultrasonic but finally, the pack is way worther than Future House Essentials with this price."

Alexander Rayel, buyer (got an email special coupon)

However the price progressively grows to increase the pack's value !

Watch the Full Review of the Pack (everything detailed)

Listen to an original track made with the pack
Listen to the 6 tracks made with the pack

All the Templates are mixed and mastered.
You'll be able to copy the techniques used in them !


Learn using Plug-ins such as : 
FabFilter Suite - CamelCrusher - FL Studio Plug-ins - OTT



You can save Mixer & Master Track Channels to use them in your own project files !

As you can see here, the templates are very complete and organized in sort that you never get lost while exploring them.


You will learn arranging your own projects with the tons of FX's and Drums Enhancers in the Future House Pack.

As you can see here, the leads, chords and bass layers are very numerous in order to achieve a powerful sound.

The way I used to layer them is unique and won't be teached in the YouTube tutorials.


You will learn layering presets by understand the role of each one while exploring the project files !

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