Get knowledge inside your computer under 30 seconds

Are you getting stuck on technical stuff right now ?


Do you often think "uhh.. If only I knew how to do this my song

would sound way better.."

Well, I am not a purveyor of dreams so I will not tell you "I have all you need mate buy this".

However, I have a very simple question for you.


Are you a reader ?

If yes, then it's good. All books are full of unique knowledge.

Now, we're here to produce music with computers, right ?
Why would you need to read some tons of page of content ?

There is
no reason. That's why the below available E-Books are easy to read and

sum up essential knowledge and tricks you've never seen before.

Plus, a friend of mine giving away free e-books showed me his reading stats : people read only 2% of the books they buy online. And that's
super sad.

That's why I cared about you while writing this knowledge content :

all is summerize in 14 pages of insightful content.

The main topics of these too e-books are
detailed below.

Melody Composing & Mixing

Music Mastering & Exporting

Those PDF's are made for intermediate level producers.

If you're beginning music at the moment, I won't recommend you this knowledge that may disturb you a bit, you'd rather watch fundamentals of your DAW on YouTube.

However, if you're already made a few great tracks, this is your moment to get those

e-books that have been especially made for you.

What you'll receive
under 30 seconds :