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Having phone calls with Michael is always stuning me.
You never know what is he gonna think.

Guess what ? He's super hyped regarding this soundbank.

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Future House Sample Pack Ultimates
Trusted by Michael Wynne

"This groove just amazed me."

Original Price: 69€

44€ for a 30 minutes session only

It's highly recommanded to be on pc to purchase

Hybreath - Future House Ultimates



"At the beginning I thought you were a bad copy of Ultrasonic but finally, the pack is way worther and playable than Future House Essentials."

Alexander Smith, EDM Producer

"This fluid workflow feeling
damn essential product,

Thanks Hybreath !"

Jake Stady

Made in France

You can get some free midis & presets here by the way ! and you're right to not go further, as

you probably should economize money..

Now, for those who want to act and progress x10 faster than other producers, I have something for you.

Have you ever struggled producing dance music, browsing during hours through samples & presets

you would finally never find ?

Are you constantly getting stuck on your tracks because of your lack of resources ?

Well, if your answer is yes, that is great news, because you know your producer weakness.

And this is even greater news for you, since I have the solution you're looking for.


Let me introduce you the Future House ULTIMATES.

This soundbank is made for all producers affraid of never achieving making good music.

The Future House ULTIMATES Soundbank will help you..

​            Make perfect-sounding, sophisticated tracks without any

            knowledge of sound design​

            Get instant inspiration from 1000 samples & presets so you can get


            Start your songs with powerful tools and finish them quickly with

            the FX Chains included in the FLPS (+ the 5 free ones!)


​            Create a diverse range of emotions in your own music using

            specific samples & presets we love​​ and use everyday


            Experiment with advanced presets so you can make your music

            stand out from the rest

            Finally ending being recognized as a good music producer by your friends.
            We know it's important to you!


Motivated ? 


Learn everything about this

Future House Soundbank

5 Premium FLP'S ⬅️

Save Mixer Tracks ⬅️

Learn Unique Techs ⬅️

Discover new ways to produce.

Never browse through

folders again.

➡️ 250 Drums

➡️ 50 FX's

➡️ 75 Melodic Shots


Enjoy the demo drops

➜  The demo drops video is above, at the top of the page. 
However, I especially wanted to share you an awesome & original track I made with the pack ONLY.

➜  This Future House Sample Pack is unique and samples & presets crafted from scratch.

But, this Future House Pack is so versatile you can use it for all your EDM needs.
(I even made a funky jazz track with it two weeks ago!!)


75 Vocal Shots ⬅️

25 Unique Percs ⬅️

150 Lead Presets ⬅️

Stack insane layers

for your leads.

Use your synths like

they should be used.

➡️ 200 Sylenth1 Presets

➡️ Bonuses in FLP's

➡️ 200 Serum Presets


Just as a reminder..

➜  This Future House ULTIMATES is way different from other sample packs you can find.

We crafted so much Drum Samples we can't remember how we made them one by one..

⏰ So what are you waiting for ? It's a no-brainer !

Plus, I have one last surprise for you about the soundbank..

I was having a vocal call with Michael from In The Mix and his reaction litterally blown my mind 🤯

He gave me feedback on the demo tracks you listened earlier - only made with this soundbank.. 


"This groove just amazed

  me. Thanks Hybreath!"

Listen to what the

pros say.

You heard what people say..


Below, even more content, to make sure you know what you buy.

Watch the Full Review of the Pack


Discover the final results

Mesto Drums

Brooks Build Up

RetroV Drums

Don Diablo Drums

Mesto Drums

RetroV Bass

Mesto Leads

RetroV Chords

Ascend Lead

Ascend Chords

Brooks Lead

Mesto BS&Chords

RetroV Shots

Don Diablo BS&Lead

Brooks BS&Chords

Enhance your skills


All the Templates are mixed and mastered.
You'll be able to copy the techniques used in them !


Learn using Plug-ins such as : 
FabFilter Suite - CamelCrusher - FL Studio Plug-ins - OTT



You can save Mixer & Master Track Channels to use them in your own project files !


As you can see here, the templates are very complete and organized in sort that you never get lost while exploring them.


You will learn arranging your own projects with the tons of FX's and Drums Enhancers in the Future House Pack.

As you can see here, the leads, chords and bass layers are very numerous in order to achieve a powerful sound.

The way I used to layer them is unique and won't be teached in the YouTube tutorials.


You will learn layering presets by understand the role of each one while exploring the project files !


Get ready to amaze your friends very soon

We also listened to your needs..


And crafted 300 Drum One Shots in consequence.


What are the folders included in your pack ?

There are 7 different folders : Drums, FX, Synth Shots, Serum Presets, Sylenth1 Presets, Project Files, Vocal Shots.

When will I receive my pack ?

Immediatly after purchase

Are the sounds free to use ?

Every sample & preset is free to use in any commercial, personnal project you want.

Are the payments secured ?

Yes, the website is in https and uses the SSL encryption of your data.
The payments process is managed by the most known companies of online payments.

Who are you ?

Check the H tab :)

What is the minimum version required for the presets ?

Sylenth1 v.2.21 (The most common used) Serum v.1.213(The most common used)

What payments are accepted ?

You can use PayPal or your debit / credit card to get your pack.

Contact hybreathprod@gmail.com to get in touch with the assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions
Anthonio ML
All your stuff sound so good it helps me a lot !

I'm glad you're getting more and more success since I follow you,
cheers from the US !
You're the best. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Your packs are HEAVEN and it helped me & my friend! 
Appreciate a lot!

Josh Demers
I just found your YouTube
channel and I really love your content :)
Thank you for supplying so
many amazing Sylenth1 & Serum presets, I've learned so much from you bro !

Hear why producers love HybreathSounds.com

We understand you could think "But am I getting scammed right now ?" since we don't have a big name in the industry. But, if we have a small brand, this is why our packs are so valuable.

We promise you won't get the most overused sounds, but those we trust for the future. Those the upcoming artists like Ellis & RetroVision are actually using. 

We make good money with incredibly positive feedback everyday. No one tell us negative things on our packs, free or paid, litterally ALL our customers are satisfied of their purchase - even more when they buy the bundle, since the diverse content in them complete each other.

We almost only use our own packs to produce music at the moment.


About safety, all our payments and the entire website are fully secured with encrypted SSL method developped by the biggest companies of the online security industry.

We don't have access to any of your data - except your name, phone number & email to contact you.

Note that PayPal payments are way easier to proceed for us AND for you.

Now.. you decided to click on this page. You took the decision to read this text to this point. Because it is always those who take the decision who have results.
Others always say "I'll do that tomorrow.." and never act.