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Getting an accurate listening: 

Learn quickly and easily how to fix your room reverb and frequencies and how my songs got incredibly improved by a flat response mixing situation. Free.

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Get templates to learn producing:

Discover how I make my tracks by downloading 5 Free FLP's from famous artists. All presets & samples included in a bundled zip.

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Getting an average great master:

Discover how I master my tracks under 10 minutes by getting a super-efficient routine and

pre-made Master FX Chain.

Disclaimer : it's powerful and free.

Those contents are exclusive to the website, and contain a LOT of stuff, that may create long loading times.

Coming Soon: 
Guitar FX
Processing your electric guitar: 

Learn quickly what effects to add to your guitar in FL Studio. You'll also be able to download my own pre-made FX Chains that instantly work.

Saturation FX
Processing your voices with distortion: 

Learn quickly what effects to add to your acapella/voice for a mind-blowing distortion effect, with a professional rendering.

Clean own
voice record
Processing your own voice: 

Learn quickly how to clean your voice you just recorded with your microphone. Just what I do for my videos voice-over.